JUST BE     BE STILL Practice compassion for yourself. I know myself and some of you also might struggle with this ... to  be in control sometimes or all the time.  But, we really do not have to be.  I am sure a few out there are cringing at the last statement.   I …


New Beginnings

This words to inspire you and encourage you on your endeavors. NEW BEGINNINGS Slow down  Heart    Mind Listen HEAR INNER VOICE Hopes and Dreams ALWAYS second chances PRAY NUTURE BELIEVE Sings to you LOVES you Heals you LIVE with PASSION your GOD given Talents Peaceful   sound        Grace SHARE UNITE with …

Hello world!

This blog is going to be great.  It will be about how we deal with our daily lives whether we are disabled or abled bodied also, a life filled blog beyond what the mind and/or body cannot see or feel.