Practice compassion for yourself.

I know myself and some of you also might struggle with this … to  be in control sometimes or all the time.  But, we really do not have to be.  I am sure a few out there are cringing at the last statement.  

I have noticed through out the years that when I let go and let my higher power, God, Allah or whatever your source name for the Creator is … take over I am at more peace and happier.

I get anxious at times when making decisions and want it done my way. Well, that does not work. I usually have a twinge or feeling of ick inside… But, when I am quiet (JUST BE, BE STILL) and follow my gut (spirit) what ever you would like to call it. It works out much better ALL THE TIME! When I feel that peace it is right. This is how I know my decisions are right.

Now, any and every decision you make in life will always have struggles and hardships. That does not mean God loves us less it is the way life is.   We have free will.   I get quiet and pray and i may even seek counsel say a spiritual advisor.  When i feel the peace.. i feel that is a good desicion…  As i said i (we) probably still have some struggles… That is just life it has its ups, downs and  joys. . So, keep this in mind and i am suggesting not to be hard on yourself. The more you practice compassion for yourself easier it gets.



2 Replies to “JUST BE”

  1. I suffer from the desire to control things, too! Good advice here. Even though I do like things my way, ultimately, when I’m quiet and more thoughtful, I am VERY glad that Someone Else is in control. I forget this often, though, and get very controlling and bossy – I will have to remember to have compassion for myself… Just be. Thank you! Glad to find you here, Donna!


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