HI my name is Donna Marie.  Praise the Lord we have challenges. That may sound strange to some but just think about it …  for through the struggles of a challenge in our lives we become champions no matter what the challenge is small or large we are the champions of it. Feel good about that. A suggestion I do is that I praise God before, during and after the struggle is done.  We learn so much about the challenges we have… How did we do that was someone assisting us.  Or maybe it was our faith the challenge built up. It made our faith stronger than it was…  This is what happens to me a lot and I will be sharing stories of this kind here along with others and their stories.

This is the essence of this blog. Anyone of any age, gender, size, shape, ethnicity. Whoever you are.  You are a champion if you have conquered a challenge.

These will be stories of faith, faith in God and in ourselves etc… to overcome whatever it is that we feel is the challenge is/was and it is being conquered or was conquered.

Please share your challenges and faith here all are welcome!!!

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