Poem intro

Interesting story about this poem’s creation.I had been listening to my friend Sandra read her poems and creative writings. And thought that and asked told her I would love to write poetry and she said certainly you can and would talk about it. She was wonderful teaching me over the phone I’m here in Cambridge Massachusetts and she’s out in San Diego California, we had just a wonderful time chatting.anyways going forward I prayed about and thought about as I would love to write poetry God and is  this is my gift please give it to me and I prayed about it and thought about a talk with Sandra she would read more poems to me. Finally one morning I woke up at 3 AM. And a poem came to me. praise GodI jumped out of bed and went to my dining room table and wrote it.  I had to tweak it as all you writers know and other creative people. Sometimes we have to revise. had to get my brain around something’s it took a lot but I have to say I had the large jest of this poem written in that one night and I know it’s a small poem but it was a big feat for me thank you for reading. Enjoy I would love to hear comments I hope it encourages you and all my posts.

Unpublished work © 2015 Donna De Guglielmo

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