You may read this differently than what it is. I do not want the pain but. “do not let a perfectly good pain be wasted”. Arthur Madore, LMT,

Arthur is someone I go to for movement therapy. It’s wonderful he is wonderful. He has an extensive background. works out of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. I have so much pain and stiffness from the car accident was last year. So the M VA ( motor vehicle accident) along with the CVA ( cerebral vascular accident) strokes…I have had. In the accident just exasperated all the symptoms that I had from the strokes about 20 strokes so I am notnot having a really good time here with all that stuff the repercussions and all that good stuff. The car accident whiplash and concussion.

I had a wonderful session with Arthur to the point where I was almost in tears from the emotional releases I was having. And these are the few things that I came up with my in my meeting with him.

  1. “Don’t let a perfectly good paying be wasted. Let it teach you something.”
  2. Serendipity-things happen for a reason and you can benefit from that reason.
  3. If you focus on the negative, you may miss the benefit.
  4. To move forward you need to feel safe. From feeling safe you begin to have confidence to go another safe place. “safe to say”.

Muscle shortens after a while of not using them. They are more painful at this point to stretch and exercise.

I will continue this as a days go on thank you for reading and enjoying my blog I appreciate comments thank you Donna Marie


  1. So many ways to relate this to everyone’s life! No one who is sane wants pain – but some of the best things about life come through pain. For example, no human comes into this world without the pain of his or her mother. I really love what you movement therapist said, “do not let a perfectly good pain be wasted.” If you and I have the pain anyway, might as well make the most of it! As a Catholic Christian, this especially speaks to me in the idea of redemptive suffering… Thank you for this great post, Donna!


  2. Thank you Christina for you feedback. Yes redemptive suffering I can relate and offer this up to God always, I too know this from my Catholic Christian Faith. I hope you visit the site again. blessing Donna Marie


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