Here is what you NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE GREAT IMITATOR in my experience.

This is the culprit to many of my illnesses. But has not shakened my faith. hope to hear how you all are doing.


There may be a silent epidemic in America causing disabilities
Donna DeGuglielmo

I have written before about myself and my health history.    Part of that health history includes strokes that had no known cause.    Before the strokes started in 2008, for many years I struggled with pain in different parts of my body, especially the in the area of the neck and back. Severe shooting pain at 10 plus.  At times it was debilitating for days, weeks or even months. That pain has continued for years.

I also began having food allergies. This grew into environmental allergies and a diagnosis of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).    I often developed recurrent infections three different ones at the same time.    Many other random symptoms developed not related to infection or strokes I felt. Not thinking it was a tick bourne disease. How was I suppose to know. Terrible confusion with out any help…

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