Agony in my garden but, faith is prevailing

Source: Agony in my garden but, faith is prevailing



This will explain a lot. But I write more when I can please understand. thank you 🙂 blessings 🙂


SORRY FOR WAIT – long haul – But getting better 217857_10151140524150337_2080041858_n

I wanted to touch base with you all.  Being so good that u all are with the interests and following, reading and liking my blog.  It has been a while since I have written a few things happened that were out of my control and unfortunately happen.   I can only write briefly at this point, hopes you understand.  I am sure you all will when you hear.  That last thing that happened to me.  I had other strokes from and undue hardship and stress I was under.  I am making my way back and having faith it will all come together.  I will keep u posted and tell you more I hope and will find a way to do so.  Okay!!!

Please pray for me.

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All of you are in my prayers and hope all is going well with…

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