Dear friends,

Not official winners , but I am a winner and so is my friend Christina

Winners because we defeated the odds of writing and finishing our manuscripts. A feat we have never done before… Along with a host of other things.  One thing is for me is my aphasia. Which was tough to do with the aphasia but I did it anyways. I cannot speak for Christina…. I hope Christina you do not mind me saying that. Also, we feel great about it.  My faith sustained me throughout the entire process and I believe it was the same for Christina.


Thank You all for your support, following, prayers etc….  I did not win that one, but won in a sense with our own guidelines and such we came across with flying colors. And with the said I will be formatting the e-book for my chapbook of poetry and will be posted to get here on this blog… ( rosaryandredsox.com )



THEY ARE a great poetry source:  http://www.localgemspoetrypress.com/


I wish them all well and all there endeavors.  Blessings all!


First Place Winner:
Margarette Wahl
From Rags To Whiskers

Second Place Winner:

Peter Arabelo, (Golden Lotus)
The Edge of an Observable Universe
Third Place Winner:


Larry Jaffe
A Man Without Borders

Honorable Mentions:

Maggie Bloomfield
Dd. Spungin
Eileen Hession
Paula Camacho
Elizabeth Boiden
Gene McParland


Evelyn Kandel
Donald Allen
Shilpi Goekna
Kate Fox
Maria Iliou
Bob Hayes
Maureen Hazdik-Spisak
Linda Trott Dickman
Pat Janke
Alice Byrne
Michael O’Keefe
Wayne Mennecke



After I got this msg I got a message on my phone it was great it was a youtube sent out by Brooke Warner a writer, memoirists… among other things.  You will I believe that you like https://youtu.be/uD1g0Ajq9uk .what you hear and see that every short video.

Along with I watched the mass was wonderful I was reminded about Jesus time on the crucifix he said. ”My God my God why have you forsaken me”. Well I didn’t feel exactly like that but some people do and we do get that were only human. But, the feeling of rejection is there I am just moving on as I said earlier.  So watch video and maybe it will shed some light on situation of being rejected with writing or other things. Maybe there are other things to get out of it. There are other avenues we can take as writers and she explains it in the video. At least that’s what I got out of it please write what you think and feel I really would appreciate that thank you so much.



God loves you.

3 Replies to “I AM A WINNER well…”

  1. Yes, we did it, Donna! That is, we won a valuable experience that will help us to move forward in our callings as writers. I agree with you wholeheartedly! And I thank you wholeheartedly for inspiring me to take this challenge with you! It’s something we’ll never forget!

    Winning a poetry contest is difficult for anyone, and, yes, we have extra difficulties to deal with in our everyday lives, so, although a little dream has died (I feel the little sadness, too) we won’t be hard on ourselves. Every writer experiences setbacks and frustrations. Perhaps, we have many more to go through! But, we are willing and brave enough to keep on trying.

    After all, like you said, you and I have setbacks and frustrations in our everyday lives in the littlest things, from not being able to get a simple word out to not being able to simply rub an eye. But, we are strong and victorious as well, because we have the faith to know that our divinely created lives are worth living and that we are eternally beautiful. Everyone is!

    So, no, we can’t all be winners in contests and we can’t all be best-selling authors, but each of us can give all the love that we can give, unafraid, as generously as Christ gives of himself. We have valuable stories to tell. Let’s keep finding ways to tell them together! God speed, Donna!!! You are a total champion in my book!

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  2. ty christina for your support and feedback “we are winners all the time” that goes for all u out there to trying new or old things” we keep on goin. blessings and i love this “So, no, we can’t all be winners in contests and we can’t all be best-selling authors, but each of us can give all the love that we can give, unafraid, as generously as Christ gives of himself. We have valuable stories to tell.” blessing to u and your i need to copy and frame what u said. make it a great day.

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