No Pity Need Prayers

HI there friend, reblogged from my other blog that I am blogging my memoir. Need prayers to go forward and complete. I am having problems for various reasons. Blessings to you all.

WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

Dear Friend, Forming Fellowship with other bloggers is something I always want to do. This site is great find and nuture your blogging and others. We need eachother I am trying to reblog this post over to my other blog Beyond the Cranium I beginning to think that maybe that will make that my personal blog. …

Share your blog!

Hey all Friends, see my blogging friends invitation. I put my memoir blog in for her to share I did not want to give her more than one blog. You do whatever you feel. Okay. blessings. God loves you!!!

Favorite Things: Quotes from Saint Therese

Christina writes from her heart always. Loves all. We all have one God and Saith Therese lived it. this is a wonderful piece into my faith. How about yours? What does your faith speak to you. I s this it too for you . Blessings.

God loves you!!!

Christina Chase

It’s a human inclination to want to be famous, wealthy, or influential in some grand way. I want to be a successful author, with big dreams of making bestseller lists and overcoming my severe disability to support myself and my family. It may happen, God only knows.  But, it won’t start there.  The purpose for which God created me begins here and now, in this moment, as tiny and seemingly insignificant as this moment may be.

Our lives are made up of small moments. What we do in those small moments and how we do them determines how we live – how we live here and now, and how we live forever. Joy is in the loving of each moment of each day – not in amassing.

quote Saint Therese little things with love

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux said it best. Because she lived it. She had big dreams

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