Let There be Peace on Earth


Hello Friends.

Do you like this song? I do? Share in the comments.

I pray this everyday. I know it is not easy anywhere, but we need each other to reach out in prayer. This is what I do before I even write a line on my blog.  I try to have peace in me so I can come across with feeling that way in my writing.  I am not sure if I am successful . But I try. I am not the best I am a sinner but hey I am human too. Praying for peace and reaching out with this song I hope it helps at least one person who knows maybe many. What do you all think?

Blessings to you and yours. See you all the next time.




God loves you!!!



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2 Replies to “Let There be Peace on Earth”

    1. Oh that’s wonderful thank you for telling me I would love to go but as you know I’m on the east coast and you’re in the west coast so it’s not going to happen today. Hopefully someday but let me know how that all goes Christmas in July I love it.


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