10 Things I love about blogging

hey all you friend thanks for reading Blessings to you and yours.


10 things I love about blogging (mostly all of you)

Dear friend,


These are just a few things I love about blogging. I may add some things later. How about you all could you share with me in the comments below. Blessings to you in yours always.


  1. Freedom
  2. started blogging my book
  3. being creative
  4. writing a creative post
  5. writing what I like and what readers will like (I hope)
  6. meeting people from all over the world
  7. reaching out with my life stories (memoir)
  8. helping people
  9. speaking out for God in my spirit… Needs to let go and cheer for him.
  10. Being home bound since May 2011 I have a free spirit on the blog.



God loves you!!!

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