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Gearing in up to writing again. This is what is in store for you. More information on writing, neuroplasticity and more. Wanted to share this insightful post from As an inspiration. For the New Year and every day. Be courageous. And your Challenges will make you Champions.

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Signature’s 2017 Ultimate Writing Guide

Signature: A Penguin Random House eZine Publication

From Signature’s website:  

The 2017 Ultimate Writing Guide—"featuring essays from twenty-two seasoned authors to help writers of all stripes on their own, personal writing journeys

Whether you find yourself staring down a blank page, embarking on a revision of your novel, or somewhere in between the two, Signature’s 2017 Ultimate Writing Guide is for you.

Who better to receive writing advice from than twenty-two seasoned authors? We’ve tracked down Jill Santopolo, Ammon Shea, Jan Karon, Tess Gerritsen, and many more to get their very best advice for writers of all stripes. Our guide will equip you with the tools to:

  • Banish writer’s block,
  • Revise a draft without losing your mind,
  • Turn off your internal editor while writing,
  • Craft a believable world,
  • And much more.

Download our Guide now to get inspired and get writing.

We’re happy to have Merriam-Webster as a cosponsor of the guide. Merriam-Webster delivers definitions, usage tips, trend analysis, and wordplay for readers and writers alike…

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