My blog Challenges Make Champions Name Sake

Hi Friends, Hope this post finds you all well. What I mean my name sake is that I go the name of this blog by a Priest named Fr.  Cedric Pisegna . What I did I may have mentioned this before was I saw these wonderful tv shows and wrote him and email and asked him if …


10 Things I love about blogging

hey all you friend thanks for reading Blessings to you and yours.


10 things I love about blogging (mostly all of you)

Dear friend,


These are just a few things I love about blogging. I may add some things later. How about you all could you share with me in the comments below. Blessings to you in yours always.


  1. Freedom
  2. started blogging my book
  3. being creative
  4. writing a creative post
  5. writing what I like and what readers will like (I hope)
  6. meeting people from all over the world
  7. reaching out with my life stories (memoir)
  8. helping people
  9. speaking out for God in my spirit… Needs to let go and cheer for him.
  10. Being home bound since May 2011 I have a free spirit on the blog.



God loves you!!!

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No Pity Need Prayers

HI there friend,
reblogged from my other blog that I am blogging my memoir. Need prayers to go forward and complete. I am having problems for various reasons. Blessings to you all.



Shutterstock woman in agoneystock-photo-double-exposure-social-alienation-concept-depressed-man-covering-face-and-crying-in-despair-246855145

I was 40 years old before I became an overnight success, and I’d been publishing for 20 years.

Mary Karr
“You think you know the story so well. It’s a mansion inside your head, each room just waiting to be described, but pretty much every memoirist I’ve ever talked to finds the walls of such rooms changing shape around her. There are shattering earthquakes, tectonic-plate-type shifts. Or it’s like memory is a snow globe that invariably gets shaken so as to shroud the events inside.”
― Mary KarrThe Art of Memoir

Dear Friends

Well, the 2nd quote does explain me internally. Have to add my neurological stuff going on to those neurons will … who knows I had so many strokes… I love to share but it is agony  of sharing your soul….but  I won’t go there right now… It’s a pleasure to be…

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WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

Dear Friend, Forming Fellowship with other bloggers is something I always want to do. This site is great find and nuture your blogging and others. We need eachother I am trying to reblog this post over to my other blog Beyond the Cranium I beginning to think that maybe that will make that my personal blog. …

Let There be Peace on Earth


Hello Friends.

Do you like this song? I do? Share in the comments.

I pray this everyday. I know it is not easy anywhere, but we need each other to reach out in prayer. This is what I do before I even write a line on my blog.  I try to have peace in me so I can come across with feeling that way in my writing.  I am not sure if I am successful . But I try. I am not the best I am a sinner but hey I am human too. Praying for peace and reaching out with this song I hope it helps at least one person who knows maybe many. What do you all think?

Blessings to you and yours. See you all the next time.




God loves you!!!



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